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    You are about to log on to the Queensland Homelessness Information Platform (QHIP) network managed by the Queensland Government. Before logging on you must understand and agree to the following conditions and terms of use:
    Access to the QHIP network is provided for users who have been nominated and authorised by the manager/team leader within a departmentally funded service and provided with an access username and password from the department.
    Unauthorised persons must not obtain access to the QHIP network or any information contained within it.
    Users must not damage, delete or otherwise alter information with malicious intent.
    Use of the QHIP network is logged and may be monitored for management and audit review purposes.
    Unauthorised or inappropriate use may lead to action under the service agreement or other contract or engagement with the State of Queensland. Such use may also lead to exemption from the QHIP network and/or referral to the relevant law enforcement authority for investigation.
    The QHIP network contains personal information. You acknowledge and agree to comply with the Information Privacy Act 2009 and the contents of the relevant service agreement or other contract or agreement with the State of Queensland with respect to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of any personal information within the QHIP network.
    This site uses internet technology. It is your responsibility to meet the technology requirements in relation to use of the QHIP. The minimum system requirements are versions 7.0 or later of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Some features of the QHIP (including high-strength 128 bit SSL encryption) may not work if Your browser does not meet the minimum system requirements. The technology requirements may vary from time to time.
    It is strongly recommended that you have up-to-date anti-virus software installed on any device where QHIP may be accessed.
    Your username and password are confidential information which belongs to the department. You may not disclose or permit any other person to use your username and password.
    You will be solely responsible and liable for any use whatsoever of Your username and password, whether authorised by You or not.
    The QHIP allows you three attempts to enter your username and password. And three attempts to enter your OTP – one time PIN. After the third failed attempt, you will be denied access to the QHIP. Access can be restored by contacting the department's Service Desk during normal working hours
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